November 28, 2011

The Beauty of Earth

As I write this, we are travelling down through the heart of the United States through Kentucky and Tennessee onward to Atlanta, Georgia, one of my favorite places. As we drive, I am blessed to have a front row view of the scenery that continues to change and become increasingly textured and contoured. In the advent of autumn and the dawn of leafless trees, deadened grass and the bony structures of the ash trees we pass, the trueness of the ground is revealed.

What continues to be displayed is the power of God to remain the arbiter of truth and the definer of the definite. We build roads through the mountains, we fix train tracks on the sides of hills, we burrow tunnels into the depths of the earth, and yet, the depths remain deep, the hills continue to hold, and the mountains still have not bowed at the beckon of our will. The structures that He established at the beginning of history remain true even today.

He is the creator, sustainer, and judge. He is immovable. He is strong. He is deep. He is unchanging from the beginning to the end. May His name be praised!

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