February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day is Tomorrow!

A day that lives in infamy for many and carries a number of titles and stigmas with it, tomorrow is the commercialization and celebration of love and it's place in our society. It is a day of joy and celebration for many who have found what society has described as love. However, as a single person, this is just another day to celebrate the breath that I have been granted.

However, rather than just loathing the state of my love life (which I find free-ing in many cases), I just want to celebrate the marriages and relationships that have been involved in my life and continue to enrich my experience in this life. It is because of these relationships that I look forward to marriage more and more.

So, to those couples and marriages, Happy Valentine's Day! May it be a great excuse to spend some quality time with each other. Trust me. You probably deserve it!


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