February 21, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

I need to get a few random thoughts out of my head. Here they are for you:
  1. Jesus Christ is beyond comprehension.
  2. Those that are persecuted around the world, are part of my Body of Christ. Is it my responsibility to make sure that my life and the persecution that I have/will face is exactly the same as theirs? Doesn't 1 Corinthians 12 apply here as well?
  3. Grace is a significantly better motivator to do good than condemnation for sin.
  4. While NASCAR may not be a "sport," it is still exciting.
  5. I'm so sick and tired of being part of an American Church that wants to put on a facade that does nothing to attract people to Jesus and does more harm to His name than it does good. His Grace was not freely given so we could come up with some creative way to doll up the story He is writing through our lives.
  6. Your story glorifies God. Period.
  7. God is most glorified when we allow our current realities to be the story.
  8. I've never been more excited to share His Grace than these last two weeks.
  9. I've never been more confident of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in message preparation.
  10. I wish I could be as confident about the specifics of my future.
  11. The Boilermakers are good. (well, they couldn't all be serious.)

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