January 25, 2011

Insightful Stuff: Donald Miller

I've never read any of his books yet (I can say that about a lot of authors) but Donald Miller is someone that I have heard much of lately. This post from last week on productivity has got me thinking. I'm not contacted near as much as Don, but the principles are critical.

A Quote to get you hooked:
Since I’ve adopted the phone off morning, I’ve noticed I am less stressed throughout the day. In fact, if my morning gets derailed by an interruption, I can’t help but think I didn’t get enough written that morning, and well into the evening, when I am with friends, I am still thinking about how much I have to catch up on the next day. But now, I am not thinking about work at all. If the writing is done, and if I gave it a focussed few hours, I am a much better friend, and I’d even say a better person in general.
I'm thinking of employing this idea.

What do you think? Doug Fields weighed in and I share much of what he said in my thinking. But what do you think? Would you be more productive because of shutting off your phone/email/text/facebook?


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