January 4, 2011

Celebrating a Life: "Dr. Scott" Johnson

There are some people who you come into contact with that seem different. But they seem different because of something that has taken place in their life. There is something special about them. It's not different, it's special. It's recognizable about them; it's in their countenance; it's in their speech. And generally, when we finally recognize what that is, it blows us away and challenges us to live differently.

The pictured person had a distinct effect on who I am today. This simple professor from a little town in Minnesota that found his way through diversity, equality and the love of Christ that led him to Bethel College where he allowed students to learn so much from his willingness to share in a engagingly real way.

Scott Johnson was a passionate follower of Christ that sought to be the hands and feet to so many that never knew that Christ actually loved them because he took Jesus to those that the Church wouldn't.

Scott inspired with his life. Scott loved students through his passion to see them know Christ better.

Scott met with Jesus yesterday morning and received a treasure beyond anything we could ever imagine. I'm envious and pumped at the same time.

God is Good and Scott is with Him today.

Thanks God, for using a quirky Communication professor to change my perspective on a vast many things. I know, without question that I am who I am because of how you used Scott in my life. Take him into your presence and celebrate with him. His work is done and he is worthy of the calling you placed on his life.


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