January 20, 2011

60 Days of Beauty Project: Make Up Day!

So, I've fallen way behind in the 60 Days of Beauty Project. I simply haven't made it a priority to write posts. I've seen plenty of beauty around me. Whether it is a friend recognizing how much he is loved, to seeing a student wrestle with their faith to know that it is their own, to seeing a mom jump for joy at the knowledge of her next step to bringing her son home. Or in was the glimmer of hope that is resembled through a comment on a post, the dependency that is created on the Word of God when the noise of the world is destroyed, seeing lightbulbs go off in the minds and hearts of young believers. Or in the dreaming of a changed group of people, or the deep desire to find a desperation for the Word of God.

But today, it was easy and in combination with tomorrow's beautiful moment, it was easy today and is the ultimate make-up.

50 years ago today, the Oval Office became housed by one of my favorite Presidents. So, in honor of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, here is his inaugural address in its entirety. Followed by the video of my favorite President's inaugural address just 20 years later.



Simply Shelley said...

1961 plus 30 years is 1991, genius, not 1981. Since there was no inauguration in 1991 (and since I figured you were off either 2 years or 10 years meaning it would be Clinton or Reagan),I thought to myself, "So help me, if his favorite President is Clinton & not Reagan then I am going to oust his sorry butt from NMC!"

Glad you picked Reagan. Safe choice.

Geoff Cocanower said...

Change has been made... I was thinking that Reagan had been 30 years ago and put that it was 30 years later... thanks for the correction!

Reagan was the only choice! I was born when he was still President!