January 21, 2011

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 52 - Getting off my duff

It's no secret.
I haven't ever exercised very much. Lately, it has been pretty sad.

But, Monday I got an email to invite me to play some basketball on Thursday Night. Begrudgingly, I accepted. I say begrudgingly because I knew that I am not the most skilled at the game of basketball (although I was pretty stellar as a manger in 9th grade during 5 v none drill and 3-man weave). But I did it.

2 hours later, the lactic acid beginning to build up in my muscles, it is the best feeling of pain I have ever felt. Almost beautiful. Just like the picture of 9 out of shape guys running up and down a court simply trying to get in shape and have some fun doing it was.

Thanks for the invite guys! Clearly me getting off my duff was a beautiful thing!


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