December 7, 2010

A Tough Season Defined

Back in the end of August, I posted my thoughts on this year and what was upcoming for me. Clearly, I am not a fortune teller and thanks to Coke Zero advertisements, we know that time travel isn't possible (But, I am thankful for the folks at Coke Zero. Not for their drink, cause that's gross, but for their funny ads.). However, some things have panned out as I thought they would. As I approach the mid-year point for the school year, I am abruptly presented with the reality that it may not be the mid-year point for me and my involvement at NMC.

I'm not sure which is more ironic, the difficulty that we find in trying to discover our next steps or the ignorance we have when trying to figure out something we cannot ever hope to "figure out." I mean, come on, ever heard of "His ways are not your ways?" Of course, in this instance, as in most, "we" is simply my way of buffering the reality that the word should be "I" or "me." But so often we spend time trying to figure out how He's moving, when the reality is that He promised us that the Holy Spirit would guide us. And yet, the purpose of this post is revealed to be my passionately, purposeful pursuit of the Holy Spirit in the next season of this journey called my life.

I am entering a season in desperate need of deep discernment and an unnatural understanding of what will please the Lord. It is a time that will require a high quantity of prayer and much processing as I try to discover what God has for me in the next season of my life. And I am asking for the help of a few folks that are willing to lift me up to the throne of Grace; to help me humbly place my life at the feet of the one who gives Life.

Thank you in advance for your partnership in prayer as I continue to discover the ministry that God wants to place me in and has prepared me for. Your continued support has been utterly indispensable.


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