December 9, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 9

Last night was a beautiful night to me and it was all encapsulated in about 5 minutes.

As part of our mission as a student ministry, we have committed to to making a difference around with world and in our backyard. Derry is probably going to talk about this one as well in some form. However, for me there was a moment while I was holding my phone to the microphone that I was struck with the beauty of the reach of this ministry.

For many, students are a group of people who don't quite get it, don't quite have what it takes, or really can't get things done. That thought process to me is misguided, shortsighted and simply narrow for someone to subscribe to and last night is proof.

We heard from a partner in NE India that was telling the students of the ministry that they had helped propel and make possible and that there are now possibilities rising up for more ministry to others that are in need around that area. Immediately followed by an update from my man, Kory Lantz and the things taking place in Keller Park. All in a matter of 12 minutes.

The beauty of a students desire to see change is breath-taking. What is more is their ability to get things done when they harness that desire. 


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