December 18, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Day 18. The Beauty of Family

*I'm catching up. :)
There is something very unique about every person's family. Whether it is the traditions that they have or simply the ability to do things together that seem mundane to most. The reality is, family can be something more beautiful than words can explain.

I'm on vacation right now with my family and it is safe to say that we all have the ability to push each other's buttons. Some are more proficient than others at that in our little tribe, but we have all had it happen to each of us, by each of us.

The fact is that we don't see much of this beautiful unity because we are so spread out. I'm in Nappanee, Nick is in Angola for 9+ months out of the year and Mom and Dad are in Elkhart. Reality is that we probably need a bit more of family. Survey says, "the joys of growing up."

We have only been gone a day and that day was predominately spent in a Budget Car Rental Shuttle Bus in traffic at LAX. Ok, that's not true. It was cramped into a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 for 5 hours en route to Los Angeles from Chicago-Midway. Ok, that's only partially true, because it was the time we spent at the BJ's Pizzeria on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach, Ok, that's not completely true, because it was all of us waking up at 8:30am (California time) and not knowing what to do. But, I guess that was just part of the trip so far.

The point I'm making, the point that I'm trying to drive home, the picture that I'm trying to help you discover is the beauty of the illustrious word that can be used to describe so many different situations and so many different colors, memories, celebrations and pictures: Family.

It is beautiful.
It is valuable.
It is something to truly be cherished.

If you are close with your family, tell them you love them today.
If you are not close with your family, for whatever reason, bury the hatchet, right now, and give someone who you love and want to like, 5 minutes of your time.

Find the Beauty of Family today.


1 comment:

Shelley said...

Dude, having family in Nappanee, Angola, & Elkhart is not spread out. I grew up moving every 3 years while my grandparents & all aunts, uncles, & cousins lived in Pittsburgh, Florida, or Missouri. That's spread out. At least your family is all in the same state and a little over an hour drive from each other!

Of course, my husband, who has never lived outside of a 1 mile radius of where we currently live & has always been surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins, would consider your family spread out.

I guess it is just our individual perspective.

This had nothing to do with the purpose of you post. Good post.