November 7, 2010

Sunday Night Football, Here I Come!

Let's be honest. I'm usually that guy who says, "I'd rather watch it from my couch in front of my TV cause I can see it better anyway." And it's probably still true that I would be able to see the game better from an armchair. But there are many "meaningless things" in life that I take some enjoyment out of and really do cherish. And American Football is one of them. Classically designed stadiums are another.

Thanks to a number of variables, I will be leaving right after services this morning and heading up to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. A place where the current marketing schemes and trend of turning stadiums into space stations have not been able to alter the beauty that is the classic football stadium. It is a Mecca of sorts for many, but today, it will be a place to hang out with Jamie, Preston and Dan, and take in the history of this great sport.

Look for me on Sunday Night Football!


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