November 6, 2010

Just in Case....Here they are again...

I was pretty steady this week on the posts. Lack of stress will do that to you. Also, the reprioritization of time and cranial bandwidth will do that as well. Here are my posts from the week and a quick summary of each to save you time!

Monday (11/1):
My Personal Reflections on GO MAD 2010:
I was so blessed by the guys of Youth for Christ when they invited me to be a part of their conference called Go Mad. I was the MC and Program Lead. It was fun and eye-opening. Truly made me think about my future.

Tuesday (11/2):
It's Time to Speak Up:
I have only been in the church for a short amount of time. However, I'm convinced that there are a bunch of unclaimed hard conversations that need to happen. I gave three of my reasons why they are still unclaimed.

Wednesday (11/3):
A Little Relationship Rant:
As I prepare for each talk I give, I will usually have something additional that I want to say. These are some of my thoughts as I was plowing through Scripture and trying to find the Truth that He wanted to speak on Wednesday.

Thursday (11/4):
Empowering Students is Critical to Leadership Development
This was pretty much geared toward the Youth Pastors out there. My thoughts on the true task of pastors: preparing the body for ministry. The problem is, you have to give them a ministry in order to allow them to prepare!

Friday (11/5):
This is too funny to pass up....
I love good comedy. Don Rickles is one of the best and has been for a very long time. Check this out and laugh!

Have a good weekend!


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