November 1, 2010

Some Reflections on Go Mad 2010

What an amazing weekend we had at Go Mad 2010! It was so cool to spend time with all  the students at the Dance Party, with Attaboy, Charlie Alcock, Joel and the Go Mad Bear. It really got me thinking about things for my future. I was thrilled to be a small part of the whole thing and that's the thing that made me think.

For a long time, I would put people on a pedestal and desire to live my life just like theirs. Louie Giglio was one of those people. Gifted communicator. Ministering to Students. Being a catalyst in the Church. Having awesome hair during middle aged years. Being creatively impactful. Passionate worshipper. Devoted Follower of Christ. All of these things are desirable traits the I hope to someday have said about me. What was unhealthy before, was my desire to put on a massive conference like Passion. I'm not sure if this was a desire that I had manufactured or if this was something that God wanted me to pursue. I think I may have some answers after this weekend.

I'm not saying that in 2020, we're going to launch a new Conference that is similar to Passion in almost every way and it's going to be called Devotion. And at this conference, I'm going to speak once and kind of emcee the event and bring some of my favorite friends that are communicators and do this awesome conference. But, I am confident that these type of things are in my future. Being a part of them. Building them. Creating them. Communicating at them. I was energized this weekend by all of the chaos. I was tired but rejuvinated by the thought of 230+ commitments or re-commitments to Christ. That stuff gets me excited.

I am convinced, now more than ever, that if the Church wants to move forward and get out of the "ditch" that most of the American Church seems to find itself, we need to provide more and more perspective gaining moments that forces a person to consider their whole life and the impact that they can have in the mist that is their life. A ditch of complacency, lack of trust, unfaithfulness, ignorance of His command, consistent disregard for His Word and utter misrepresentation of Christ. All of these things are selfish desires that are derived from the normal rat race that is our lives. The constant pursuit of Self, Material and Prosperity.

So, from here, I have no idea where I go, except to continue to provide "moments" for the people that I have the opportunity to touch in the here and now. "Moments" of perspective.


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