October 29, 2010

Go Mad 2010

I'm excited for this weekend.

I get to do ministry with a bunch of guys who are so relational, they put Chris Lehane to shame. Seriously.
Everytime that I talk with the guys from Youth For Christ, I am amazed at the way that they are able to establish relationship with the students of their high schools. It is truly awesome.

This weekend, I'm going to spend some time in the Fort. We're doing a conference and we hope to reach 1,600 some students with the message of Grace and the Gospel of Christ.

Charlie Alcock is bringing it.
Attaboy is playing some tunes.
I'm just doing my thing.

Pray for us.
Pray for leaders.
Pray for students.

Pray for openness to the Spirit. Especially on Saturday night.
Pray that students would have the courage to step out and obey the Christ that has been knocking on the door.

It's going to be awesome. And I'm pumped.


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