November 22, 2010

One Pastor's Thoughts on a Generation with Potential

Ran across a blog post by Steven Furtick that really peaked my interest. I'm not sure that I completely agree with everything that Steven thinks about student ministry but, I would say that He has some pretty good thoughts concerning this generation. I thought that his second point was pretty profound:

2. Authority
If this generation is lost, it won’t be because they lacked friends. It will be because they lacked leadership.
We safely assume that this generation has more potential than any other in history to change the world. We dangerously assume that they know how to unlock it. Or how to channel it for optimal impact. Or how not to get distracted by low-level pursuits.That’s where you come in. God hasn’t called you to be their buddy. And they don’t need you to be it either. They already had tons of those when you came around. He’s put you in their life to be their leader. Their mentor. Their guide. People believe that this generation is antiauthoritarian. They’re wrong. They’re just looking for someone in authority to lead them in a direction worth following. And to be a person worth following.
Be that person.

Very good post for any youth worker. Check the rest out here.


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