September 29, 2010

Stop Blocking God.

This is a restatement of the reality that is my life. This is a revision of the vision that should be the guide of my walk every single day. The establishment of the banishment that I never will receive because of He was conceived and continued to bleed.

It's not about me.
It's not about the car.
It's not about televisions, phones and computers.
It's not about a wife, kids and a dog.
It's not about a family or a house.

It's not about all the things I would never do.
It's not about all the things that I didn't want to do.
It's not about the decisions that could have been, should have been.
It's not about the chains that used to keep this soul hostage.
It's not about all the failures and misses.
Cause it's not about me.

It's about Grace.
It's about Truth.
It's about the Word.
It's about Love. Unfailing. Unfaltering. Unwavering. Undeniable. Untold. Unmatched.
It's about Forgiveness.

It's about Healing.
It's about Renewing.
It's about Revival.
It's about Repentance.
It's about Reconciliation.
Cause it's all about Him.

I don't care what you think it could be about, or the things that you think are going to block you from Him. We need to stop crying about all the times that we failed and begin to remember that He ALREADY DIED FOR IT ALL. There is absolutely nothing that can change that. His Love is once and for all. His Life is once and forever.

I'm convinced again and even more, that we make following Christ so dog gone hard. Not entering Christianity, but to remain in Christ. I'm done living a difficult relationship with Christ.

I'm Geoff Cocanower.
I know Jesus Christ loves me.
I know I love Him.
I know He wants to love you too.


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