September 24, 2010

Fridays Frivolous Feature

I've been thinking lately about the way in which we, as Christians think about God; how we interpret Him and what He has always tried to communicate to us. It seems to me that when situations get frustrating or we find ourselves in places we never thought we would, we begin to lose faith in the God of the Bible.

You know, I listen to students and friends who begin to get it into their head that because of certain things that are going on in their life, that God probably just became too small to take care of that situation. That God is not ready to deal with this one, and the only reason they can truly cite is that it is their problem. And the reality is, I have found myself doing this as well.

The fact here is, the only reason that we think that He is not big enough to handle this one is because we are unwilling to give it to Him. The lie that we get stuck in our head is that we can handle this one. I don't need to give something so ridiculously small to God. I can handle this one on my own.

I'm not sure why we do it, but I'm confident of a couple things. In Deuteronomy (31:5-6), God said to be strong and courageous because He would never leave us or forsake us. In Matthew (28:20), Jesus reiterates something similar telling the disciples that He would surely be with them until the end of the age. What's more, Jesus promised us to come and give us life to the full (John 10:10).

So today, when you begin to get the Friday "Feel-Bad-For-Yourselves-Simply-Because-It-Is-Friday" Feelings, remember that God...
... is big enough to take on your problems, no matter what... able to be trusted with everything...
...can take you being mad at him... willing to help you through it...

...and that no matter what, He loves you just the same.

Live in Love today. Share it with someone. Glorify God in Everything.

Let us be a people who live outside the gloom, self-hatred, depressed, lifestyle that hampers the rest of the world from living lives in the fullness of a relationship with Christ.


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