July 10, 2010

Day One in the Books

It's amazing what a change of setting can do to change the perspective of what God looks like and how He wants to communicate to us. Tonight was a different start for most who have been to camp and it really was fantastic!

Tonight was about setting the stage for what might be in store the rest of the week. It's the opportunity to set some things up so students can Be Different.

I'm excited for the Character studies tomorrow morning. As we explore varying individuals who were Different in their time, there are a few things to be praying about:

1. Pray that students would identify and connect with the individuals being portrayed...
2. Pray that through experiencing an aspect of these characters lives, students would recognize the need for change in their life...
3. Pray that students would be open to what God has in store for them...

I'm really pumped for the David station especially... probably why I'm going to be the one teaching at it. :-)



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