May 18, 2010

Do Something Now

Tomorrow night, NMC Student Ministries will celebrate all that God has done in and through us as a ministry to help Kids in Need. We will sing together, pray together, report back as to what was done to further God's Kingdom, and ultimately, launch out to live differently for ourselves. There is one major way that you will be able to take part in helping more Kids in Need.

We will be taking an offering for a Pygmy church in Africa. All the church needs is the roof and we're going to provide it. Will you Do Something Now?

Below is what Pastor Jason wrote on his blog about the church and it explains it so well. Read on:

At the NMC Student Ministries' "Kids In Need" Celebration this Wednesday night, we'll be taking an offering to help build a church in the Pygmy tribe of Rwanda. Last school year, as a result of Rwanda Night and the Silent Auction, our students helped make possible a Rwandan Exodus Conference that resulted in the planting of over 20 churches in remote and unchurched areas of Rwanda.

One of the churches that was planted as a result of this Exodus, was in the Pygmy tribe. This "church" doesn't yet have a church building. For only $1,400, we have the opportunity to once again come alongside side this group of people that is considered "the least of these" and help provide a church building for them.

The stakes are high because unless the Pygmies have a formal meeting place (meaning a building), they will not be allowed to continue meeting as a church body. If I understand it correctly, there is a law in Rwanda that was put into place shortly after the Rwandan Genocide that said people were not allowed to have formal outdoor gatherings in one location for an undetermined amount of time.

Time is ticking! The Pygmies now have less than 6 months to get a church building built or run the risk of no longer being able to meet.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we were able to leave the K.I.N. Celebration Wednesday night with enough money to build the Pygmies a church building? The man talking in the above video believes it will take a "miracle" of God for this to happen.

Wouldn't it be cool for you to be apart of someone else's miracle?
Think about what your involvement can be and let's Do Something Now.

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