March 16, 2010

What are you going to do with what you have in the time that you have been given. Some stuff about the next three months...

So, I've been processing through some things lately and one of the biggest things that God has been throwing around in my head is this thought:
What are you going to do with what you have in the time that you have been given.
This one seems so critical to me due to the nature of this time of the year.
It's March.
Spring Break is a couple weeks away.
After Spring Break, there is two months to go of school.
So effectively, we have right around 3 months left of the year in Student Ministry here at NMC and from that point we move to the next year.

I think this is a huge question to answer. I've already seen and heard a number of students counting down the days or longing for summer. Don't get me wrong, I knew your pain when I was in High School. I wanted to get out of there just as much as the other guy. I also didn't know Jesus then and didn't know what Jesus was about then. Not saying that as a guilt trip type of thing, but I wonder what I would have done if I would have had any idea what I could have done with the last three months of my high school career? Forget the end of my "career," consider any of the years! What could I have done to change the temperature of those last three months?

This seems like a good way to look at the important things in life and the things that are priority. After college, I have noticed that it is even easier to be undisciplined and to allow things that should be important take the backseat. So, looking at things in chunks helps me understand what I need to put at the top of the list.

So, this is an all-skate that isn't just focused on students. This is something that we all can do.

So, for you, what does the next three months look like?

I'll follow-up with a personal post soon to let you in on my life.

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