March 31, 2010

If You Want to Be Free in Christ You Have to Chip Away Who You Are Not and See Yourself for Who God Shaped You to be.

The past two weeks, Cindi has been working with us on the idea of Labels and Lies. The whole process that she has takes us from Realizing the Lables Recognizing the Lies of those Labels and then Replacing those Lies with the Liberating Truth found in the Word of God.

As I've been processing through each night, I have found myself considering how important this process is for the health of a believer. There are so many people who don't truly know who they are, in or out of Christ. And in many senses, if not all of them, I am one of those people.

Yet, Paul pleads with Timothy to remember the God "did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. // So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord..." I believe that Christ lives in me and gives me the ability to testify to the triumphant truth that is my testimony and the things that He has done in my life and in others. So we will share some stories that will speak to this truth.

Do you believe that He lives in you and that your testimony is worthy to tell of God's Glory?
Do you believe that He has given you a different name than the one that you have been given by society, school and your family?
Do you believe that that story is alive and you can tell of that story now?
Do you believe in the Truth that you have been set free?

Can't wait to see you tonight in the Fieldhouse. 7:00pm.


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