March 23, 2010

"Readjusting Course" - Two stories to allow the GPS of the heart to recalculate.

I just read a blog post from one of our students that is in the DR, and have some sweetly mixed emotions. In the past couple of days, my mind has been filled with all this health care decision and stuff. I really haven't been focused on much of anything that had to do with things that are truly unjust in this world.

My mind is completely overwhelmed with this storyline. Yet now, my heart is being cleansed. 

This morning I came into the office a little early because I had left my Bible and journal here last night. Not to say that I would have done anything with them last night if I would have had them, but I came in early nonetheless expecting to spend some time in the Word. But this post was amazingly inspiring and full of truth. It speaks to the reality that I need to be focused on much more than the "problems" we face here in the United States and really start focusing my efforts on the true issues that we are facing as a human race.

In addition, a local radio DJ is doing a week in a local homeless mission. He is only one day in, but I am excited to see how his experience pans out.  His obedience is a true display of allowing God's Heart to shape and mold our own.

All in all, the overriding lesson that I am learning the past 5 days is this:

My call in this season of life is to be informed and then reflect that information to others on things concerning God's true Heart.

 The best way to do that is to avoid the things that distract me from God's Heart and pull me further off the path.

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