March 22, 2010

I stand up and step away, because I don't want a heart monitor at 23!

I've been thinking too much about politics lately. Too much meaning really any at all. I have a number of friends that would tell me that I need to be up-to-date on this topic and that I need to be an informed voter. All of which are probably true. I should be an informed voter. I should probably be up-to-date on this stuff in order to make better decisions as to who I vote for and to make my occasional protest on my blog.

Yet, in the midst of this need, or expectation, I find myself becoming more and more agitated, cynical and distant from some truths that I truly do believe in and find myself gravitating towards.

See, I voted for certain individuals a couple Novembers ago. And when there were more people who supported the other guy, God was still in control.
The people that I voted for were against a majority of people who rallied enough support to pass a very controversial bill that has many implications for my future. And on March 21, God was in control.
Someday, there will be an even more powerful leader that will rise up and come to unite a vast amount of nations together and begin to convince people that they should follow him and soon after begin forcing them to follow him. Even still, God will be in control.

I recognize that this may seem quite ignorant and somewhat "church-y." I know that it might seem like I am skirting my "responsibility as an American citizen," to step away from the discussion and stop paying attention to the individuals in Washington. But, here's the deal:

I believe that God is always in control.
I believe that Man is rarely in control.
I believe that no matter how high taxes go (as unpleasant as that would be) my Home has no taxes.
I refuse to get overly frustrated and intensely heated about an essentially trivial discussion.
I stand up and walk away because I have cast my vote and have the right to stay away and let those people do their jobs. What they do with that responsibility will determine their job security.

So, with that, I end my soliloquy. I return to focusing my time and talents on what God wants me to live and die to support and see come to fruition.



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