March 5, 2010

Feeling far from God and some personal commitments that I will begin to hold to.

What do you do when you feel far from God?
How do you know that you are far from God?

I've recently been in what I feel is a spiritual funk. I'm not entirely sure why but I have my inclinations as to why and it derives out of a lack of discipline in my life. Do you ever find that when we stop doing the things that seem routine and monotonous, we find our lives out of equilibrium? We find ourselves "out of whack" or "on edge." Interestingly, the things that are the most important in my life, have been the things that have fallen out of my life.

TAWG. Exercise. Personal Worship. All replaced with TV. Gaming. Sleep.

So what do you do to get out of a spiritual funk?

Some of the things that I came to determine needed to reenter my life are:

Regular TAWG
This one is hard for me sometimes. Do I read just to read? Or does it need to be an all out emotional experience in which I experience the complete existence of His presence? I've been wrestling through this one and I land at the point that I need to continually have Him be part of my life; emotional or otherwise. In any case, this has to happen.

Consistent Exercise
Not very hard to think through. Just do something regularly. Read and Ride. That's all.

Personal Worship
Because of my typical responsibilities that I have on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, I will periodically be unable to spend time in corporate worship. However, even outside of this variable, I need some personal time of worship if I truly want to fully grasp my relationship with Christ.

After our weekend in Chicago at Simply Youth Ministry Conference, Doug Fields convinced me how much I need to make commitments and hold to them. These are just three commitments that are going to become pretty hard-line in my personal life.

What about you? What things do you do that keeps you close to God? What commitments do you have to ensure that you don't fall from God?

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