March 28, 2010

Date Me or Marry Me but don't leave Me! A new series on!

I'm currently working on a series that talks about Relationships. I am convinced that this topic is quite important when it comes to high school students. The series will be focused toward High school students but I am guessing that there is some things that I will learn out of it.

See, here's the thing:
I'm convinced that more and more high school students are living in pseudo-marriages than simply dating and "going out."
The thing is, I'm not sure that this is something that is closed to just high school. I want to explore this in a way that becomes helpful, so I hope to include some practical points and steps we can all begin to take in the adventure that is dating.

I'm pretty sure that I will be able to remain unbiased in this thing, being a single guy and all that is working through some of this stuff. I hope that you can join me on this journey!


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