February 5, 2010

Stress. Sleep. Simplicity.

Today is probably going to give me a heart attack or a stroke. Probably both if my mind was the only thing that was running this ship. I have this funny thing that I do when I get stressed that doesn't even come close to helping the situation at all. I tend to take on the things that I should probably delegate and dump things on people that shouldn't be dumped. It is something that I'm working through and have definitely learned through this event. All in all, I know that I have done that leading up to this weekend and it isn't healthy, good, or anything I want to repeat.

I will say this planning for Hoops of Hope (or lack thereof, depending on who you are reading this) has been very challenging, very overwhelming, caused some deprivation of sleep, and has very much been a growth period for me. In the end, I'm going to have to beg for some grace from many people, learn from my dominating character and recognize that I'm working with people not pawns.

All that to say, somewhere in this ball of stress, I am quite excited for this weekend. Hoops of Hope has the potential to help thousands of orphans in Africa and it involves a ton of people for the cause. Upward participants get to be a part of something much bigger than themselves and we get to see students multiplying themselves in those participants.

I am also speaking at my first genuine retreat this weekend (Great planning on my part, I know.). I am excited to connect with the Effect and allow God to use me to bring truth in the next three days. It should prove to be a very good retreat and I am excited to see the ways that God moves.

In the end, everything is quite simple. Today and tomorrow will need much prayer from myself as well as all the people who ever read these comments. Pray for Leadership, Discernment, Obedience, but most of all, the willingness to do it God's way in this weekend.

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