February 1, 2010

Like Water off a Duck's Back and Sunday Rundown

This weekend marked the halfway mark of the most unwisely planned two weeks of my life. About a month ago, planning ahead seemed like it was going to be a typical occurrence and that everything would fall in it's place really well and I wouldn't be very stressed because I would have done plenty of due diligence on the things that needed to happen ahead of time.

Needless to say, this week has revealed some of the stress that comes in when you have good intentions but don't allow for those good intentions to become realities. And as much as I would have desired to complain, I thrive on the drive of "having to make the time that I have, work." While this isn't a principle that I want to live my life by, it has worked for me before and seems to be part of my makeup in some cases.

All in all, there were some real bright spots that I wanted to highlight.

Pastor Don in the Box
I have had limited contact with this guy in comparison to some of the pastors on staff here at NMC, but man was he annointed on Sunday. We are in the midst of a series that focuses on Jeremiah 29:10b-14a, a passage that could easily get filed under the "Yep heard that one, filed it, feels good" message genre. But there was something about this weekend. Don really brought it. While focusing on Jeremiah 29:10-11, we are reminded that our Future is Secure. I don't think that I have totally grasped that entirely. I want to say that I do believe it and it is in my heart, but sometimes it is hard to truly assert that as I process through my life and try and bring some sane explanation for everything that I have been through and what God is taking me through. Thanks for your obedience, Pastor Don.

What is Justice? Class
Last week in this class we covered the topic of Oppression. It sparked many fires as we began to realize some of the realities that we live in a world that is rampant with oppression from many different oppressors. We even begin to see how maybe we are part of the oppressors genre of people in the world. It has made us consider how we live our lives. I know that I am personally convicted to live differently because of the truth that God has revealed to us in the moment of recognizing how important it is that we find ways to live and fight for Justice in this world. 

IMPACT:2010 Mexico Team
Sunday marked the first meeting for our team that will leave for Mexico in June to work with Kids in Need and the people of El Millon. I am so excited about what God is going to do with these 14 students. Not to mention, I get to lead with 3 of the finest leaders on the face of the planet. This meeting was inspiring to me. I was so pumped to see the level of opennes in even this first meeting. Be praying for this group as they continue to bond and be opened to the things that god has for them in this time.

Junior Guys Small Group
Sunday was rounded out by spending a couple hours with the small group that I am apart of with Junior Guys. We grilled Tim. He loved it. We loved it. I have been so blessed to see how this group has bonded and come together as a group. Even after adding a couple guys at the semester break, this group has continued to grow. This Sunday we were in Crazy Love chapter 4: Profile of the Lukewarm. This is a challenging chapter and Francis really brought it. This is the second time I have read through the book and I am so challenged even in this reading! I am very thankful for the faithfulness of Francis to obey the words that God has given him. 

All in all...
it was a great Sunday for me. I ended the night with some great friends and good discussion about life. God is really using each of these guys to change some of my perspectives and refine me in my view of many things. I can be so narrow sometimes, especially when I think I have things figured out. I'm excited for what this week holds!

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