December 1, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Communication Tips for Opening Up

A little something new on the blog is this new series that is starting today called: Tuesday Tips (Enter Big Echo-ey voice)

I recently had to put together a page for our December Monthly that was addressed to parents and ways that they could engage their students in spiritual development. It got me thinking about some things for today. The following are some simply, yet handy tips to consider when you are working with someone that is new to you or is someone that you haven't ever engaged a topic with before.

-Ask open-ended questions
-Don't expect to get overly "spiritual" answers
-Remember that people are engaged in a much different culture today than ever before, even in the ways that they communicate (texting, facebook, etc.) and that because of that their language is much more short and concise
-Commit to the process of engaging this person: This is a process. People don't just automatically open up, especially if you haven't ever engaged in this topic before. Give it time and allow them to open up to you.

I have found that these are  extremely helpful in "breaking the ice" or whenever you are opening up a subject that you haven't ever delved into with a person.

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