December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Admist the hustle and bustle that we seem to always be entrenched in during these times, I am reminded of the real reason of Christmas and the added significance that the human birth of a King has when coupled with the Cross. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to die on a tree. He was unlike any other king born before him, accepting a life very unfit for a king; born in a stable among dirty animals and not under the protection of a roof and walls. His entire life is a testament to the value that God places on those who seem to be down and out.

This Christmas, let's remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord.
This Christmas, let's remember and celebrate what he has provided for us.
This Christmas, let's leave behind the shackles of sin and death and recognize the life that has afforded us.
This Christmas, let's celebrate the Cross for giving Christmas a true reason to rejoice.

Without the Cross, Christmas is just another Holiday.

My pastor at my home church in Elkhart used to always, and probably still does, say that "Christmas isn't really Christmas, until it's Christmas in our hearts." There is something to that. Until we recognize what the birth of a Savior truly means, we cannot fully celebrate this birth. It becomes Christmas in our hearts when we reflect and recognize that the Cross makes Christmas worth something. And that is something to celebrate for eternity.

May your Christmas be a joyous time of celebration.
May your Christmas be a time of reflection on the blessings He has afforded you this year.
May your Christmas be filled with Love, Peace and Fellowship.

Merry Christmas!

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