December 4, 2009

Late Thursday Night Thoughts

I'm prepping for a message that I am going to deliver next week in our Born 2 Die series and I am processing through Derry's talk from last night a little more and combining that with the state that the Holy Spirit is impressing upon me right now and I can't come up with much more than the following.

I want to see Jesus. I want to see Jesus so bad. He's all that I want.
I submit and commit to this statement wholeheartedly: I want nothing but Jesus. 

I was looking through some facebook pages of people in my past and people in my present and I can't ignore the state of my heart. I also just finished writing a note to a person that I shouldn't even be writing a note to because of a past transgression. But she knew Grace and what it meant to extend Grace to me.

I want Jesus; more than anything else, I want Jesus. And I want my love for Jesus to transmit into love for the people around me.

And I know that that could hurt. I want that hurt. I want to be heartbroken for what breaks Christ's heart. I want my life to extend love and Grace to people because my Savior did the same for me. I want to do that with no strings attached.

This song expresses my feelings a little better.

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