November 9, 2009

Pray LaRGe

This Sunday Night, there is a great opportunity for our church body to come together to pray for and experience the lives of babies that are at the Kenya Baby Center. It's called the Baby Walk. What is so cool about this is that while it accomplishes the purpose of having our congregation ENGAGE in praying for the world, it is a great way for our small groups, students and their families to GAIN awareness of the needs facing Kids in Kenya. You should join us this Sunday at 5:30 in the Connection Gym but enter through the Grand Hall!

This is going to be an awesome experience and many students have devoted a lot of time and creativity to put together an experience that will touch the lives of many and possible help some discover their "Maggie Moment."

Others have posted about it on the "Live Differently" blog on the Kids in Need site and Derry has his take here.

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