November 20, 2009

New Series: Friendship Fridays

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a message to the Senior High here at NMC about living in "Christ-focused Friendships." In the midst of planning some of the message, I realized that there is quite a bit that has to do with living in these types of relationships. So, in conjunction with trying to refresh the blog a bit, This is going to be the newest series here on It will begin next week, on Friday and will challenge, encourage and offer practical tips or thoughts about how we can go about creating better friendships with those around us.

This is not a series that should be relegated to only students. These ideas will be practical in nearly any setting. However, truth remains that perhaps they will be a little more difficult given the circumstances of the current relationship that you may have with the people you wish to grow deeper with.

So, let us be challenged together! I hope that you will join me as we begin this journey into deeper friendships and more valued relationships!

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