November 4, 2009

The Little Things Matter!

What a great time I had last night. I had the opportunity to talk with a friend that went to Kenya on a Medical Missions Trip and the lessons that she took from that experience. I am going to have the awesome opportunity to talk with her again about this trip and the things that she was able to experience when we talk tonight in Senior High at NMC.

Out of this story came a reminder of what God has been teaching me as I plow through this "What If..." series in Senior High. While we might have expectations to do huge things for God and we expect to see God move in huge, ginormous and miraculous ways through our obedience, we need to be completely content with what He has willed for our lives. As Westerners, we get so caught up in doing things that are miraculous that we forget to find God moving in the things that seem insignificant. In our routines and lifestyles of redundancy, we are confronted with the desire to see His Spirit move in huge ways. The reason for this is we have forgotten about the little moments that God blesses us; that He moves in our lives.

How contrite have we become that we refuse to look for God in our everyday lives? What would happen if we were to look for seemingly insignificant moments in our lives that God is obviously present in? What if we were to truly listen for God's promptings in insignificant significant ways?

Piece from my own life:
This morning, I woke up with this resounding message to complete the things that I had committed to God that I would do as little things to make my life more disciplined. While getting up to workout, read, and write may seem very insignificant, they have refreshed me in amazing ways this morning. Let's go the next level. When I listen to what the Spirit is saying to me and am obedient to it in insignificant situations, those usually become significant moments in my life. When I say what God has put on my heart to a person who needs to hear from God, that moment becomes significant, even to me, because of its anointing by the Holy Spirit.

May I become more and more dedicated to giving God glory by being obedient to His call in my life. May I know significance in insignificant situations because His name, His glory is the Hope that I have in my life.

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