April 21, 2009

Responses to DB - A Blog Series - Viral Conversations

This topic is ironic because it tied right into the series that we were talking about in Jr. High at NMC. At NMC, we took three weeks to talk bout taming the tongue and the power of our words in people's lives. Even the conversation that we have in passing can have huge effects on people. Even the small comments that I make have a lasting effect on an individual. I wonder how much impact our tone has on people.

What I have never thought about is how people view me if all I do is complain and offer critical assessment of situations. If all I am is negative about everything around me, we all know what we would label me as- Debbie Downer, or something of the like. And for good reason! Why would anyone want to spend time with someone that simply turns everything into the worst possible situation the world has ever seen?! I know I would not. If we are truly to be children of the Light, we should probably begin to think about what we are doing that is clouding that light. What are we doing that does not allow people to see the light that we bear? Are people seeing the HOPE that we have in this dark, fallen world?

Because of this, my friend Michael Yoder has begun practicing a model of personal accountability that was founded by Will Bowen, a pastor in Missouri. I have not checked with him in a while, however, I have thought about doing this myself. What kind of witness am I and what kind of hope do I have if all I do is complain about this world? Is that not close minded to this world? I should want my thoughts to be focused on the coming kingdom; His Kingdom.

I want to be a person who people are not slapped in the head when I am around. I want people to want to know more about me. I want to be a person that people can see the Light of Jesus through me. I desire for people to know that I will be someone that can give an encouraging word to them even when truth may be difficult to hear. I want to be a man of God that is so passionate about finding Him each day that I would see all things in a light that is far from a spirit of complaining.

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