January 22, 2009

Apology for Misteaching...

Last night, I spoke at NMC Jr.High about Faith and used passages from Hebrews 11 and James 2 to make my point that James and Hebrews are interconnected. In order to fully have a faith that transforms, we must believe in someone that we cannot see and in things that we cannot comprehend or see either (Hebrews 11) and put that belief into practice when we know that God has spoken to us and has provided us with a call to some act of faith (James 2). However, I used the testing of Abraham to illustrate these points and I mis-told the story. I feel pretty bad and don't know another way to repent of my misteaching except to flush it out here... I told the story as Abraham never knowing what was going to happen to his son when he left for the mountain that God was going to tell him about when in fact, Genesis 22 tells us that he knew exactly what God had called him to do the moment that he met with him the first time about this testing. I pray that my sin is recognized and forgiven and forgotten.

another post is coming... :)

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