January 22, 2009

Agents of Change

I have a hard time with people that complain or make comments about things and then don't do something about what they say. It seems to me that people who affected change, spoke in a tone and candor that allowed people to understand where they are coming from and have a big-picture mentality to see a problem and what a solution could be. However, critical to the process of being an agent of change seems to be backing up what you say with the actions of your lifestyle.

As was stated in the previous post, James identifies that faith without works is dead and represents no faith at all. While I don't totally subscribe to that, I do see it as a parallel to what we believe. If we say that we think something should change, and then don't do what we can to be a part of that change, then what did our words mean? If we believe that something should change, we should do something about it as well. Not just say something about it and be done with it, but say something about it and back it up with some action. Not some monologue without true belief behind it.

Just some thoughts as I get ready for class...

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