November 26, 2008

YS Reflections that might turn into Ruminations

YS is over. It was awesome. I was fired up. I AM STILL fired up. I can't explain how affected I was when I walked into an exhibit hall that was filled with people that are providing youth workers with the opportunity to change their students' world and the opportunity for our students' to change the world. I was absolutely and positively amazed at the mass of people that are dedicated to youth.

I am struggling, right now, to put into words what I am feeling about YS. I mean, overall. This was an experience that changed my life. Seriously. I have never felt so empowered, excited, pumped, giddy, and ready to graduate in my life. Seriously, ever since I have begun attending Bethel College, I have never felt more ready to graduate and get on with doing youth work in my life. This is such an amazing feeling. Never before have I been more fired up about a specific call on my life than at this moment.

It is interesting, for a period of my life, all I wanted to do was to host a huge event such as this one, and now this is the event that makes me want to do so much more than just one event. I want to do my part in raising true disciples of Jesus Christ who is MY LORD.

I am looking through pictures from Senior High Camp from NMC. "Seek" was the theme for the entire camp season at NMC. I truly want to seek after the Lord with all of my heart. All of these pictures are making me think to the future for Winter Retreat. I pray that students will come ready to experience the Savior of their lives with expectancy that there is nothing that will stop them from meeting with Him. I am getting revved up!!

God is moving in my life. He is moving me in ways that I have never been able to notice before. I am more confident now than ever before that I am built for ministry and that my abilities and short comings are only made for ministry advancement. I pray that I will be able to completely answer His call someday. Let's do this! What's up for today, Jesus?

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Amanda said...

Wow, it sounds like it was an incredible weekend. Makes me sad that I missed it. :-( But I'm glad to hear about your experience, and I'm glad it was so empowering. :-)