September 12, 2008

What would happen?

What would happen if everyone that went to church began to reflect the Church that Jesus had in mind? What would happen if we were able to say that the Church is truly the only thing that we see in the church?

What does the early church of Acts look like? What is stopping us from attaining that type of dedication and Holy Spirit guiding?

Why can't we just dedicate our lives to HIM!?

I am almost angered about this. I sat through chapel tonight as a humbled pastor from Buckley, Michigan poured out what the Holy Spirit had place on his heart about the way that our generation has begun to buy into this relativisitic truth ideal and has the opportunity to sway away from the truth that He is Creator and His Law is THE LAW and that HE IS TRUTH; always has been and always will be.

I completely agree with John's comments, but take them a step further and say that it is because of the complacency and wishy-washy faith that I have seen in those that have gone before me! I am to the point of no return on this.


How many times am I going to hear that God is going to spit us out for being lukewarm and then look at the people around me and sometimes EVEN MYSELF and think, "Better prepare for some warmer days!?"

Am I the only one thinking this?! We have the opportunity to serve a Creator that has promised to provide EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. INCLUDING ETERNAL LIFE! as long as you dedicate your life to serving Him.

Am I saying everyone should become missionaries? HEAVEN YES!!! That is exactly what Jesus has called us to! I do not believe that there is any excuse for someone to say that they were not called to be a missionary. Is everyone called to the inner streets of Butan, or the miles of the Great Wall, or the fields of Brazil? No, probably not. But what are you called to? WHAT IS YOUR ROLE IN THE CHURCH? Why are you following this Rabbi that gave His life to give you eternal life?

Do you just think that it is free?! That if you go to your local church that you are just going to get in... yeah you probably will. But what kind of selfish faith is that?

Am I living out my call completely, yet? Most definitely not. Do I pray daily that I will? No not yet. Do I hope to someday be willing to pray that. FOR SURE! I have oft said that I wish to die a painless death and be gone from this world quickly (ex: gunshot, die in sleep, etc.) but I have come to this conclusion: IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT I WANT. It hasn't ever been about what I want.

When are we going to realize that we can't just live a lukewarm, non-serving life. That in order for God to completely reconcile us to Him, He sent His only Son to die on a tree outside Jerusalem defeat death and teach all of us in that exact moment what it means to live and die for the cause. When are we going to step up and be missionaries in our capacity.

I don't know what God has called you to, but I do know, without the shadow of a doubt, that He HAS called you to something. So when are you going to step up and answer that call? Cause here's the deal: YOU ARE A VERY INTRICATE PART OF THE WHOLE CHURCH. If you don't fulfill His call on your life, something is left undone. There is something that you are called to that no one else can complete. A task that is only understood by You and Him.

So what are you doing?

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