September 9, 2008

How do you see People?

This year I am taking a class in Interpersonal Communication and this past week we were discussing the way that the world looks at certain individuals. One of the theories/ideas/discussions we were having dealt with the way that we see people. Do we see people in an I-It situation or an I-Thou situation. This topic intrigued me after I engaged it and began wrapping my mind around it.

I am amazed at how this plays out in life. How many times do you interact with someone and rather simply view them as a means to an end? An object in the play of life to help you achieve success in any given situation. Example: Cashier at McDonald's yesterday for lunch; Person you walked by yesterday that opened the door for you; Any type of individual that you interact with and use as a means to an end. What have we done with relationships in today's society?! If we don't have a relationship with someone on some level, we are not able to have a discussion or friendly exchange any longer. What's worse is we almost de-humanize them! We no longer view the people that make our life so much easier as HUMANS!

The other side of this coin is the I-Thou mentality (i guess this is what I am going to call it.) that pushes us to see people as people. Not as some pawn that God put on this earth to serve you, but as an individual who is seeking after Him and is struggling along as well. Do we realize what this does in everyday life? We can't help but look at EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL in a different light. We can't help but see people for PEOPLE.

I challenge us all to begin to truly SEE people. What does that look like?

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