August 18, 2008

A Confession

I want my life to mean something.
I want my life to fulfill a purpose.
I want to do what is right.
I want to do what is tough.
I want to do something grand and large with my life.

And then it hits me... again, and again, and again.....


So the question still remains:
What does He want to do with Me?

Last Monday through Wednesday morning, I was able to spend the last few moments with the SOAR Interns as well as a lot of time with the Almighty Creator; the One who was, who is, and is to come; The Three in One; my Father. He gave me plans that he has for me and plans that seem to be much grander than I try to humble myself to. However, I can't be ashamed of that that God has called me to, if I am interpreting correctly.

But, I see that there are many areas that first must be clarified in order to allow for any of these plans to be a reality.

So my confession is this: I need prayer like I have never known. And I am not talking about just, "hmmm, I wonder what Geoff is dealing with." The kind of prayer I am asking for is one that you should stop reading and just Pray First, then ask questions. This is a cry to those who are willing to listen and support me. I truly feel like this is a critical time in my life and I am screaming out for support. I see this as a point in my life that I will look back and say that this was the point that it was make-or-break. I don't know what to say other than I need to be cleaned out and splayed for His use and His Glory. I want Him to wreck my life in the next week or so. I want to be opened up and changed so that my life will reflect that which He has called me to.

In times of weakness, I have known no other option. I have been taught many other things. But I pray that as this week goes on, I will learn more about my own heart and dedication to His cause than anything else. I want to recommit myself to a pure life and a life that is only a reflection of His power and holiness in me.

Thanks for listening.

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