June 5, 2008

Week #2

So, week #2 is in the books for the SOAR program.

I will say that for some reason last night was not the night for me. I organized games and just did not feel it. I was tired and probably should have had a nap yesterday. But, that is me making excuses. I am getting close to being overwhelmed as I am speaking in either Jr. High or Preteens the next 3 weeks. I also have to get my support letters out and start working on getting some money for that support. Basically, I have a lot to do this weekend. Did I mention that I also have to umpire 6 games this weekend?! Ok. :)

So Just a little prayer for the ol' Loud Kid.

More on life later on...

1 comment:

Stan said...

What is this Afganistan??
Are there churches there??