September 27, 2011

Who's Leading You?

I recently began using Tim Elmore's Habitudes as my devotional for each day. I honestly cannot say enough about how awesome these things are when it comes to how it teaches people. There is a part of me that is in awe of what he does with each image and another part that is jealous that I can't pick out these ideas and lessons. But, through this, I came across another thought:
 How do you lead if you're not being led?
I have been involved in some sort of leadership for most of my life. Leadership for me began when I recognized the gifts that God had given me to lead people. That is not a cocky statement, that is more a comment on the reality of my life. I have always desired leadership because it is in the weave of the fabric that makes up me. So, this question has been asked of me many times in my life. However, this question carries a distinct weight to it when applied to Christian leadership.

For the Christ follower, there is a collection of sixty-six letters, books, and accounts from the greatest Teacher ever intended to guide and direct our very worldview and the way that we go about our daily lives. But, more than that, we are a part of a Body that is interwoven and connected for the purpose of extending the reach of the name of Jesus. This Body is meant to build itself up and edify the other parts of the Body. Yet, at the head of this Body is its Lord/Savior/King.

I've noticed, in my life, that I need others to help push me; guide me, into new levels of leadership and devotion. It is one thing to dedicate ourselves to Bible Study (which is a given to me) but the form of our creation to be relational beings suggests to me that we were intended to have people in our lives that help to lead us. For some that means a book, for others that means a mentoring relationship, and still others it means both. So, the question comes back to you and me in a very introspective form:
Who is leading you and who are you allowing to lead you so that you can lead others?

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