April 12, 2011

Some More Thoughts on Baptism

I posted some thoughts back in August 2010 on Baptism here. 

As I've been at this more and more, I've recognized the need for so many folks to recognize what God has done in their life. I have seen countless video after video of other churches that have celebrated on the spot confessions and baptisms. And that makes sense to me.

So often, the most common answer that I hear to the question, "Are you getting baptized" is the response, "Well, I'm just not sure that I'm ready." And every single time, the thing that flashes through my head is, "Haven't you already made the commitment?" See, what is so cool is that baptism is the way that God says to the world, through you, that He makes new creations out of those who choose to follow Him. It is another way to bring Glory to God.

I have always said, "Your story tells of God's glory, if you let it." This is one of those instances that I think it's pretty clear in Scripture that all of His followers be baptized in water, and with the Spirit and with fire. Sure, the American Church has made being a Christian very easy, too easy at some points. But baptism is one of the things that should be easy. Baptism is simply a public recognition of the private decision between you and God.

Baptism is coming up this Easter here at NMC. I would encourage anybody who has not gotten baptized to pick up a baptism form at the Ministry Center ASAP. It's the best experience a person can ever have.


Karli Anne said...

I am getting baptized :)

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