February 2, 2011

A Quick Review of "The King's Speech"

What a great film. I'm not very technical and don't really do much in the regard of cinematics, however this film was very, very good in just about every aspect that I could notice. The King's Speech was a fantastic historical story of a duke becoming a common man in order to find his identity as the King. A fantastic storyline that seemed to take us on this journey of recognizing our need to find humility as well.

I'll be honest, when I saw that it was an English film, I was worried for the guys that I was there with. However, the English humor that exists in the film is easy enough to track with and gives it enough flavor to stick around for the duration of the film. It really is a breath of fresh air in this period of film where re-makes, prequels and 3D all centered around action and adventure seem to be the only thing leaving Hollywood these days.

The film made me recognize a few things about myself as well. How many times do I get caught up in the titles and the things that I cannot possibly be prepared for in life? King George VI was a brave man that had to face his one glaring weakness with courage in order to become a true King. And the thing of it was, he didn't have to find out how to fix his stammering, he had to find out how to trust people and ultimately, trust himself.

It's worth a watch. So, here's the trailer in case you don't believe me.



Dan Mohler said...

I agree it was a great film. I wonder why it was R-rated. The acting was very good.

Geoff Cocanower said...

Probably the language. It's English humor as well... so...