January 31, 2011

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 59-60 - A W(rap) Up

I've always known that country music was not for me. I've known that from the time that I was born and then started breathing. Hard to believe, I know, but I just have always had this divine intervention going on in my soul that protected me from the depression and despair that is country music. Ok, there was that time in high school that classic country was kind of fun, but really, I've never had a desire to listen to country music. Obviously, that's not entirely divine, but I suppose the way God created me, well that most definitely is divine.

Over the past 2 months, there has been something growing and deepening its hold on me. This journey to see beauty everyday was not something that came easy to me. See, I'm not the most observant of the beautiful. I tend to see the messy, the broken and the sick. Overall, I find it more difficult to find the good things in life and it's something that I'm working to see more of in my life.

One of the ways that I'm beginning to see more of the good in my life is through a different song. I've noticed that I've had different soundtracks to my life. The one right now is Alternative and Rap. I'm digging Mumford & Sons, Gungor, and Lecrae. Those are just the top three artists outside of my typical worship music. I just love the vulnerability of the music and the ways in which the words just speak to my soul with their authenticity and real-life relevance.

The last two days of the Beauty Project (which I know is tardy) is my new found soundtrack that I hope is part of His soundtrack. The song that is constantly being sung at the bottom of our lives. Holding us up, giving us a cornerstone from which we can build our lives into Him.

His song is beautiful. And our song is made that much more beautiful when He gives us a piece of the melody.



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