January 11, 2011

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 42 - I thought I was caught up?!

Well, I thought I was caught up and so now I will be!

Mondays can prove to be a difficult day for most and I'm no exception. Coming off the weekend, follow-up to do from the weekend, setting a plan for the week and trying to get back into the swing of things can be somewhat stressful.

Last night was also the National Championship game featuring the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks. Or as Referee Bill Le Monnier said, the Oragone Ducks. Anyway, it featured one of the highest profile players in all of college football. Sure, Cam Newton is a fantastic athlete, there is no denying that. But his character, of course, is not exactly something everyone would want to write home about.

In fact, a few months ago, he had a bit of a pretty stressful Monday when the first reports of his family demanding $180,000 for him to play football first surfaced. This probably made his day pretty stressful including the weeks and months that would follow. I always wondered how he could cope with that kind of stress.

Now, I can be a pretty big skeptic at times. I can especially be skeptical when a character flaw is exposed. So of course, I was pretty skeptical of Cam Newton and his "preacher" father. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth.

I got slapped in the face on Monday Night when I saw this:

There is something so beautiful about this that most will see and negate with all of their excuses as to why he can't be a follower of Christ. That thing is simple:

Cam Newton represents me.

Wait, what? Cam Newton represents me. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Too many to count. Do those mistakes disqualify me from doing what I do? Perhaps. But God is an amazing God and He chooses to use those with broken pasts and broken presents to make His name famous.

Sure, Cam Newton has a pretty screwed up past and we really don't know what his reality is right now. But, we know this: He had the guts to put the God of the Universe on Televisions around the globe, regardless of what people would think of him. Regardless of the skeptics, like me, that would sit on blogs and newspapers and televisions shows and completely second guess his faith. But the beautiful thing is, He can overcome all of that. He has overcome all of that and He was made famous.



Simply Shelley said...

I did like his comment, but actions speak louder than words. Will he go the route of Tim Tebow and live daily for God regardless of what the media or others say, or will he just toot the God-horn every now & then? Time will tell, time will tell. I'm all for giving people a chance. Let's see what he does with it.

Geoff Cocanower said...

I will tell you, I was in that boat last night at about 12:01am on my drive back from Mishawaka. Then 12:02am came and Jesus was in my ear.

If your mentality is actions speak louder than words, then what's the point of listening to words?

I think I know what you mean, but I still think we skeptics should ban together and push each other to believe and support those in our body that need to know Him more!


Chris Lucas said...

Awesome:) How very amazing that millions of people just listened to him talked about our awesome God. Everyone is a work in progress:)