December 10, 2010

Railroad Tracks, Caked Snow, Something Beautiful

We've all seen it.
We all have dealt with it.
And depending on where you live, you have to deal with it a lot more than others.
That's right, I'm talking about Caked Up Snow in or behind the wheel well of your car.

When I was younger, I always thought it was a cool thing to mess with, because you could kick it off and "clean" it out for dad or mom. Got your shoes a little dirty, but it was fun, so who cares, right?!
Yesterday, I saw it in a different light. 

I was driving down Douglas Road in Osceola, on my way to a luncheon in Mishawaka. Of course, there is a railroad crossing on Douglas that is unavoidable.
That was the thing of beauty. I was driving down Douglas and saw the car in front of me had a quantifiable amount of "clog" in their wheel well. As they went over the tracks, the rough-ness of the crossing juggled the wheels enough that it knocked a considerable amount of salt and sediment chucked snow to the ground. 

As I looked around, I noticed the remnants of other "shake-ups" that were sitting in the middle and on the side of the road and it made for a lesson in the way that God makes us beautiful. 

I see the clogged up wheel as our lives. Sometimes we get all clogged up with the crap that gets in our routines and typical paths. We need something to shake us up; to clean us out. Reminded me that He desires to make me into the beautiful workmanship that He intends for me to be. 

What things have taken place in your life to "shake up" the junk in your life?

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