December 2, 2010

My Man: Travis Geisel

He may be a Hoosier fan and a Red Sox fan, but he has a heart for Jesus and has recently made the big step into ministry. This is my man, Travis Geisel and he has recently stepped into a Youth For Christ leadership role ministering to students in two middle schools in the Ft. Wayne area.

He loves his wife, very much. I know this because I can't find a good picture of him by himself to put on the blog here. He's always with her. He's pretty good at Halo, but I'd take him in Call of Duty any day of the week.

Travis recently celebrated 6 months with his beautiful bride, Lindsay and I can't wait to see how God continues to bless them in their marriage and their ministry together.

As part of their responsibilities to YFC, Travis sends me a weekly update on how to pray for him and his ministry. Travis is in the early stages of starting his ministry at Woodside and Summit Middle Schools, so when I saw this, I was pretty pumped:

"This week in club, we spent the night playing games such as Zombies, Noodle Wars, CopyCat,  M&M Wars (see pic), and YouTube Theatre. The theme for the night was building relationships,  and just having fun as a group. Campus Life Club is growing, and the students voted that if they get 100 students there before Christmas break, all the male adult volunteers will get 'makeovers.'"
Here's to hoping that he gets a "makeover!"

If you want to know more about Travis and his ministry, make sure you check out his newly started blog or send him an email and ask him if you can pray for him!

My man, Travis Geisel!


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