December 16, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Day 16: Accepted Discipline

Most people that I want to emulate in my life, I have met or had conversations with. But there are a couple that I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I'd like to think I made one of those not so alive ones proud last night.

I've heard stories upon stories about this guy.

How he used to announce at basketball games and create a huge buzz.

I heard how he would create community in the dorms because of the little pranks that he would play or allow others to play.

But, the most impressive thing I ever heard about Dave Slater was his ability to apply discipline by exercising grace.

Dave was the Resident Director in Oakwood Hall at Bethel College for a number of years. He tragically died in his room from a health problem. But Dave had a fantastic knack for establishing community and finding ways of maintaining community even in the midst of discipline.

Last night seemed like the Perfect Storm when it came to extra-curricular things going on in the Senior High. I'm not at all surprised because I leave tomorrow for California for a week. But there was one situation that required an exercise in disciplinary action against someone who had decided it was more important for them to have someone else's shoes.

I brought the group together and basically told them that there was really nothing that I could do, but if I found out who had made that judgement but didn't fess up to it, I would have a very difficult discussion with them. Among other things, I explained what our process would be. I dismissed them, and the guys that had taken the shoes, came forward and we got the situation handled.

The beautiful thing that happened was a moment of instant shame and remorse by a couple guys, turned into a redeeming moment because they had realized how dumb it was to take someone else's shoes and perhaps how important it would be to make sure that he got those shoes back.

It reminded me of those times where I know God's caught me doing something I know does not please Him. And he still has offered me grace. He has still offered me the opportunity to glorify Him.

I think Dave Slater would have been proud.


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Shelley said...

I think you and Slater would have been great friends.