November 19, 2010

My Man: Kory & Alison Lantz

I have a number of friends from college that are in ministry now. Someday, I will finally have a Summit of Ministry people in my circle of friends. Until that time, I will just have to keep up with them via blogs and e-newsletters. Today, I was reading the blog for The Transformation and my friends Kory and Alison Lantz. They took a huge step of faith by entering into a place of South Bend that has been neglected for far too long and have been doing some intense incarnational ministry in partnership with the Keller Park Church. As I was reading I came across an awesome post that Kory wrote up about their recent vacation to Phoenix, Arizona (one of my favorite places in the US). I won't post the whole thing so you can go and enjoy for yourself, but I found this portion to be pretty critical to my own journey:
I could sit here and make a good argument either way on why I should or should not have helped this man in downtown Phoenix, but for me it was clear what I needed to do. Yes, I still believe it is good to process through the questions of helping others in a beneficial way, but I also know I need to think less and help more. I need to put to rest the “maybes” and questions for a little while and learn to help again. I am choosing to help in the times when I am don’t know what to do. I have to believe that God would rather me do something than just simply “think” about the pros and cons involved in helping. I may get burnt, but I would rather that happen than miss another opportunity.

Check it out and learn more about the Keller Park Transformation by clicking here.


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